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About Us

Highlight Productions was formed in Bracknell, Berkshire in 1993 using a very simple ethos: "Give the clients what they want on a sensible budget in a sensible project".

The key word here is SENSIBLE. We soon learned that most people understood the importance and power of video but simply don't have budgets the size of the BBC or Premier League football.

Neither did people have time for huge crews of 27 staff and four trucks.

They just wanted a quality product, done in a sensible way and a company that would work with them when required but, otherwise, simply get on with it.

Over the years we have provided our services to many and varied prestigious clients including: BBC, ITV, Sky TV, Coca-Cola, Eton College and many more

With our expertise and experience built up over 25+ years, our "genuinely interested" approach and satisfied clients, we've loved every minute of what we do and look forward to another 25+ years of exciting times and more satisfied clients.




Highlight Productions Ltd. Registration number: 9329829



Our GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) policy

Our GDPR policy is very simple: we do NOT collect any information from you to store in any form of database or use it in any way other than as part of conversations directly relating to a project we are discussing with you.

IE if we are working on a project with you, or discussing the possibility of working on a project with you, then we keep emails for a sensible/practical length of time to facilitate the project but do nothing more than that. These emails are stored on secure PCs that are kept in a locked office and information/data on them is never shared with any third party. Email is our preferred method of communication but this principle applies to phone calls, post or any form of communication with us.

We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our clients so the very principle of sharing any of your data is simply against everything we value.